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WotLK Blacksmithing Guide: Turbo-Boost Leveling from 1 to 450

wotlk blacksmithing

The following guide will show you step-by-step how to reach blacksmithing level 450 in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion of World of Warcraft. Blacksmithing in WotLK is broken into three level brackets, including 1-300 (classic), 300-350 (master), and finally 350-450 (grand master).

A list of materials that will be used in the recipes for the entire process will also be stated below. These can be farmed yourself, or purchased on the auction house. You will require all of the materials to complete the steps in the guide. To save inventory space, you may choose to hold the materials necessary for the level bracket you are completing and keep the rest in your bank.

General Blacksmithing Tips

  • To complete this leveling guide, you need access to either Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, or Dalaran to visit Grand Master blacksmithing trainers.
  • Subsequently, having access to Northrend zones will mean you have access to The Burning Crusade zones to receive Master training.
  • Don’t sell off your inventory until after the guide, just to be safe. When items are needed for later, they will be mentioned in the relevant step. However, due to RNG, sometimes you need to backtrack a bit for some extra XP.
  • A lot of blacksmithing just requires various ores or smelted bars. This makes it quite easy to passively farm the materials whilst you level up your character if you choose the Mining profession.

Apprentice 1-75


  • Begin by crafting 45 Rough Sharpening Stone. This should get you to level 35.
  • You will need 40 Rough Grinding Stone for later, so craft that amount. Continue crafting Rough Grinding Stone until 65.
  • Craft roughly 35 Coarse Sharpening Stone or until 75.

Journeyman 75-150


  • Craft exactly 40 Coarse Grinding Stone. You will need these later.
  • Craft 10 Ruined Copper Belt to reach 100.
  • Craft 5 Silver Rod.
  • Craft 5 Ruined Copper Belt.
  • Craft 10 Ruined Copper Bracers.
  • Craft 5 Patterned Bronze Bracers.
  • Craft 10 Heavy Sharpening Stone. You should now be level 130.
  • Craft exactly 20 Heavy Grinding Stone for later.
  • Craft Patterned Bronze Bracers until 150.

Expert 150-225


  • Begin by crafting 5 Golden Rod.
  • Craft 10 Green Iron Leggings and 25 Green Iron Bracers. This should get you to level 190.
  • Craft 10 Golden Scale Bracers.
  • Craft exactly 55 Solid Grinding Stone to be used later.
  • Reach level 225 by crafting approximately 15 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet.

Artisan 225-300


  • Craft 10 Steel Plate Helm.
  • Craft 15 Mithril Spurs.
  • Craft 20 Dense Sharpening Stone. You should be 270 by now.
  • Craft 10 Thorium Belt.
  • Craft 5 Thorium Bracers.
  • Craft 15 Imperial Plate Bracers.
  • Reach level 300 by crafting 10 Thorium Helm.

Master 300-350

For this section you will need to purchase the Plans: Lesser Ward of Shielding recipe from either Rohok, a master blacksmithing trainer located in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula, or from Mari Stonehand, an armorsmith in Wildhammer Stronghold, Shadowmoon Valley. Rohok is a Horde vendor, and Mari is an Alliance vendor.

Whilst in Outland, you can receive master training from your faction’s blacksmithing trainer. Both factions have a master trainer in their major outpost in Hellfire Peninsula or can visit Shattrath.


  • Begin by crafting 7 Fel Weightstone.
  • Craft 15 Fel Iron Plate Belt, followed by 5 Fel Iron Plate Boots. This should get you to 325.
  • Craft 30 Lesser Rune of Warding.
  • Craft 5 Fel Iron Chain Tunic. This should get you to 340.
  • Craft Lesser Ward of Shielding until you reach 350.

Grand Master 350-450

Pickup your Grand Master blacksmithing training from your faction’s Northrend trainers found in either Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. Both zones have both Alliance and Horde trainers. Alternatively, Dalaran has neutral trainers.


  • Craft 10 Cobalt Boots.
  • Craft 10 Cobalt Triangle Shield.
  • Craft 5 Cobalt Legplates.
  • Craft 5 Cobalt Helm. You should reach 380 at this point.
  • Craft 15 Spiked Cobalt Boots.
  • Craft 5 Spiked Cobalt Shoulders.
  • Craft 5 Notched Cobalt War Axe. You should reach 395 at this point. Craft as many of the highest-level Cobalt items as you can to reach 395, since they all require the same materials anyway.
  • From 395 onwards, craft 5 Brilliant Saronite Belt.
  • Craft 5 Horned Cobalt Helm.
  • Craft 11 Deadly Saronite Dirk.
  • Craft 13 Eternal Belt Buckle, or however many it takes to reach 425.
  • Craft 7 Titanium Weapon Chain.
  • Craft 15 Titanium Skeleton Key.
  • Finish by crafting 25 Daunting Legplates. This should get you to 450.

And that brings us to the end of the guide! You should now have reached level 450 in blacksmithing if you have followed the guide correctly. Crafting amounts are not guaranteed, however, and some players may need to craft more or less, depending on RNG factors. You can now go ahead and clear out your inventory, but you may want to keep Wrath of the Lich King items for future recipes.

Materials Needed for 1-300

  • 125 Rough Stone
  • 110 Coarse Stone
  • 250 Copper Bar
  • 5 Silver Bar
  • 70 Heavy Stone
  • 75 Bronze Bar
  • 5 Gold Bar
  • 230 Iron Bar
  • 35 Green Dye
  • 190 Steel Bar
  • 220 Solid Stone
  • 150 Mithril Bar
  • 60 Mageweave Cloth
  • 10 Citrine
  • 20 Dense Stone
  • 420 Thorium Bar
  • 10 Star Ruby

You will also need to acquire:

  • Plans: Imperial Plate Bracers
  • Plans: Mithril Spurs

Materials Needed for 300-350

  • 142 Fel Iron Bar
  • 7 Netherweave Cloth
  • 55 Adamantite Bar

You will also need to acquire:

  • Plans: Lesser Ward of Shielding

Materials Needed for 350-450

  • 320 Cobalt Bar
  • 52 Crystallized Water
  • 22 Crystallized Air
  • 38 Eternal Earth
  • 13 Eternal Water
  • 13 Eternal Shadow
  • 578 Saronite Bar
  • 22 Titanium Bar

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