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WotLK Engineering Guide: Turbo-Boost Leveling from 1 to 450

wotlk engineering

The following is a complete guide that can be followed to level up your engineering profession from level 1-450 in Wrath of the Lich King expansion of World of Warcraft.

To follow this leveling guide, you will need to collect the following materials listed at the end. These can be purchased from the auction house or farmed yourself. If you do not have the required materials, you will not be able to complete all the necessary tasks to level up your skill.

General Engineering Tips:

  • A lot of the steps say ‘Keep item for later’. This is because the item you make is used in future recipes.
  • The safest method to follow the guide is just not to sell anything whilst following. Only sell items at the very end that you know you won’t need.
  • You will also need to have access to the Wrath of the Lich King zones, as the Grand Master engineering trainers can be found in Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, or Dalaran. Having access to these zones will also mean you have access to The Burning Crusade Zones (and all required prior).

Apprentice 1-75:


  • Start by crafting 60 Rough Blasting Powder. This should get you to roughly level 30. The focus here is on crafting 60 of these items – not the end level.
  • Craft 30 Handful of Copper Bolts. Again, focus on the amount here. You should reach level 50 by now.
  • Craft 1 Arclight Spanner. You will need this item (alongside the 60 Rough Blasting Powder and 30 Handful of Copper Bolts) for later.
  • Craft 25 Rough Copper Bombs until level 75.

Journeyman 75-150:


  • Start by crafting 75 Coarse Blasting Powder. Keep these for later.
  • Craft 25 Coarse Dynamite, or until you reach level 100.
  • Craft 5 Silver Contact to reach level 105.
  • Craft 30 Bronze Tubes.
  • Craft 40 Heavy Blasting Powder.
  • Craft 15 Whirring Bronze Gizmo. Keep hold of what you crafted in 4-6, as you need this for later. This should get you to level 150. If not, continue crafting the last few steps till you reach it.

Expert 150-225:


  • Start by crafting and holding onto 15 Bronze Framework.
  • Then craft 15 Explosive Sheep, or craft until you reach 175.
  • Craft 1 Gyromatic Micro Adjustor.
  • Craft 60 Solid Blasting Powder. You should reach 195 here.
  • Craft 7 Mithril Tube to reach 200.
  • At level 200, craft 20 Unstable Trigger.
  • Reach 225 by crafting 40 Mithril Casing that will be used alongside the previous step’s items later, so hold onto them. It is possible that this step gets you to level 235.

Artisan 225-300:


  • Make as many Hi-Explosive Bomb as possible. You want to use up all of your remaining material as you won’t need it later. This should get you to level 250.
  • Craft 30 Dense Blasting Powder, holding onto them for later.
  • Craft 30 Thorium Widget to hit 285.
  • Finish by crafting roughly 15 Thorium Shells, or until 300.

Master 300-350:

For this section you require the Schematic for White Smoke Flare, which can be purchased from:

  • Wind Trader Lathrai in Shattrath City
  • Captured Gnome in Zangarmarsh
  • Feera in Exodar (Alliance)
  • Yatheon in Silvermoon City (Horde)

You will also need to learn Master Engineering from a trainer in Hellfire Peninsula, or Zangarmarsh. (Found in the main outpost for your faction).


  • Craft 40 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, and 15 Fel Iron Casing. Both of these will be required later.
  • Craft 25 Elemental Blasting Powder. You require 25 for later, but you can craft more until you reach level 320.
  • Craft 15 Fel Iron Bomb.
  • Craft 5 Adamantite Grenade.
  • Finish by crafting roughly 40 White Smoke Flare, or until you hit 350.

Grand Master 350-450:

Pickup Grand Master training from Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. Engineering trainers can be found in your faction’s main outpost in the zone.


  • Craft exactly 35 Handful of Cobalt Bolts for later steps.
  • Craft 10 Overcharged Capacitor.
  • You should now be roughly level 385. Craft Explosive Decoy until 390.
  • Craft 15 Froststeel Tube.
  • You then need to craft 5 Diamond-cut Refractor Scope, 5 Box of Bombs, and 5 Goblin Beam Welder until 415. These items are not needed for later stages, however you cannot create more as you won’t have enough materials.
  • Craft Saronite Razorheads until you hit level 420. This should only take 10.
  • Craft 5 Mana Injector Kit.
  • Craft 10 Mechanized Snow Goggles until 430.
  • Craft 5 Noise Machine. You should now be 435.
  • Finish by crafting Gnomish Army Knife until you hit 450, which should only take about 25 to do the trick.

And that brings us to the end of the guide! You should now have an engineering skill of 450 and can go ahead and dispose of all the materials in your inventory. Below you will find the materials lists...

Materials Needed for 1-300:

  • 60 Rough Stone
  • 61 Copper Bar
  • 50 Linen Cloth
  • 75 Coarse Stone
  • 5 Silver Bar
  • 130 Bronze Bar
  • 25 Weak Flux
  • 40 Heavy Stone
  • 70 Wool Cloth
  • 15 Medium Leather
  • 4 Steel Bar
  • 120 Solid Stone
  • 161 Mithril Bar
  • 20 Mageweave Cloth
  • 60 Dense Stone
  • 120 Thorium Bar
  • 30 Runecloth

Materials Needed for 300-350:

  • 90 Fel Iron Bar
  • 25 Mote of Fire
  • 50 Mote of Earth
  • 20 Adamantite Bar
  • 40 Netherweave Cloth

As well as the Schematic for White Smoke Flare.

Materials Needed for 350-450:

  • 275 Cobalt Bar
  • 55 Crystallized Water
  • 10 Crystallized Earth
  • 8 Frostweave Cloth
  • 10 Eternal Shadow
  • 20 Borean Leather
  • 465 Saronite Bar
  • 25 Mining Pick
  • 25 Skinning Knife
  • 25 Blacksmith Hammer