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Zygor Guides Dragonflight Got Me BANNED in 3 Days?



World of Warcraft has never stopped being one of the most expansive and rich MMORPG experiences on the planet. Even after all these years, diving into Azeroth is a real treat.

The world is massive, filled with diverse regions and epic stories. There’s also so much to do that goes well beyond developing a character and building up their strength.

Leveling can be difficult and an in-game guide sounds extremely useful. This review with take a look at the key questions you want answers to. Like: Is Zygor worth it? And can it get you banned or hacked?

Will Zygor Guides Get You BANNED?

Let's first dive in to the question; will I be BANNED if I use Zygor as its a paid addon? I tested this in both WotLK Classic and Dragonflight and never got banned. However, I did read about someone getting banned in 3 days after using Zygor and that isn't the only complaint of its kind...

I was able to hit max level in Dragonflight in just over 5 days of played time and still never got banned. That was from level 1 to 70. You should be safe to proceed with your Zygor sub as the leveling guides don't cause many to receive the ban hammer, maybe none as those that complain of it may have been hacked or banned for something else.

Even the Wowhead community agrees, leveling guides like RestedXp and Zygor do not cause you to get banned. 

Leveling With Zygor in Dragonflight

Zygor’s most well-known feature is its massive collection of leveling guides. For most players, the addon itself is primarily described as a leveling addon, and for good reason. This thing can seriously supercharge your ability to take a character from zero to hero. And this feature alone is worth its weight in gold…and not the Azerothian kind.

As a player, leveling your first character in Dragonflight is a fun and immersive experience. But, once you start getting into alts, it can be a slog. That's where Zygor comes in, with its streamlined approach to leveling that takes the guesswork out of the process.

The addon is designed to guide you through each quest, showing you where to go, who to talk to, and what to do next. With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily see your progress, which quests to complete, and where to head next. It even goes as far as to give you a handy GPS-like arrow that points you toward your next destination. But this is something that WoW addons have been doing for ages now.

What sets Zygor apart for me is the sheer amount of detail included in the guide. It takes into account everything from class-specific abilities to the best gear to wear for each quest, ensuring that you're always fully prepared. The guide also includes helpful tips and tricks, such as which quests to complete first, which areas to avoid, and where to find hidden treasures. The handy windows that pop up while you’re questing will also give you little information nuggets, such as descriptions of mobs you need to kill and items you need to pick up.

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, the addon can be configured to do certain things automatically for you. You can enable Zygor to auto-accept and auto-complete quests without you needing to click the buttons - who’s got time for that anyway? You can even have it recommend which gear pieces in your inventory are better than what you’re wearing and have it equip them for you with the click of a button.

Now, this is where we come to a bit of a con with Zygor Guides. It’s not a particularly huge deal but it’s worth mentioning that its upgrade recommendations aren’t always spot-on. This happens primarily with socketed items as the addon might be comparing two pieces of gear based on their raw stats alone. Generally, don’t always take its word as gospel, apply some critical thinking and you should be fine.

What I think is truly amazing about Zygor is that they’re constantly updated with the latest information. This means that I'm always using the most current and accurate information to level my character, which is especially important given the frequent changes made to World of Warcraft. Whether it's for the latest retail expansion, like Dragonflight, or WoW Classic, the ragtag team behind Zygor continuously updates their guides with new and improved information. It’s not often that you see addons do that as often.

From the first moment you launch it, the addon makes it clear that it’s there to make your WoW life easier. The out-of-the-box setup is pretty robust on its own, giving me all of the tools I need to go about leveling my alts as quickly as possible with little hassle. And if I need to tweak the experience more to my liking, it’s a breeze to find the options I need. I can even end up having Zygor do everything short of moving me to the target location and attacking the mobs.

Gold Making in Dragonflight

If there's one thing that World of Warcraft players know, it's that gold makes the game go 'round. Thankfully, Zygor's addon has some killer features when it comes to raking in the big bucks. First and foremost, the guide includes a comprehensive list of quests and activities that are particularly lucrative when it comes to gold making. This means that I can focus my efforts on the most profitable tasks, maximizing my gold intake in the process.

But that's not all - the addon also includes a wide variety of tips and tricks for making gold, including which items to sell, which professions to focus on, and which areas to farm for the best loot. Zygor also includes a wealth of information on the auction house, helping you to navigate the market and get the best prices for your goods.

The absolute standout feature of Zygor’s wealth-building aspects, though, is the farming paths. Whether you’re an avid gatherer or a hardy crafter, you’re bound to need to spend some time mining, skinning, and herbing (not a word). If you find yourself groaning at the mere thought, then Zygor is definitely for you. Just a quick dive into its materials farming guides and I found options for every single type in the game, including the best places to gather them. More importantly, you’ll be given optimal farming paths, complete with lines on the map and a handy arrow to guide you.

As you can tell, even in this area, Zygor is the king of efficiency as an addon. Its collection of professions guides is designed to help you make the most gold in the shortest amount of time possible, meaning that you can spend less time grinding and more time enjoying the game. I even found leveling guides for the professions I've chosen, and they guide you to the highest level quickly. The cherry on top? If you’ve chosen to have two gathering professions, you can take optimization to the max by having two guides active at the same time.

Of course, all of that gathering, looting, and crafting has to somehow translate into gold and that’s where Zygor Guides, once again, has your back. Thanks to its handy Auction House extension, you’ve got a literal swiss army knife of tools to help you make the most money off your wares. Apart from giving you the best possible information on item prices and how they fluctuate, the addon adds several options and buttons that make setting up auctions a breeze. I can even see price trends so I know which materials and items to target for my next farming session.

However, this is where an annoying bug reared its ugly head. On occasion, an “internal auction error” message would pop up when I tried using Zygor to post up items. It’s not the biggest deal as the auctions do eventually go through after a few times. It’s just a slight nuisance that may happen.

Regardless, there’s a lot to love about Zygor Dragonflight if making gold is important to you. Whether you’re saving for that special mount or you’re looking to become a WoW millionaire, this addon is exactly what you need to develop your wealth and reach your goals.

So, we’ve got awesome tools, guides, and enhancements for the leveling and gold-making parts of WoW Dragonflight and Classic and that’s pretty good value for money. But Zygor has more features that’ll help you with the end game experience.

Next-Level Grinding

They say that you’re really playing WoW once you’re done leveling and playing through the top-level content of the game. This also holds true for Zygor as once I hit the coveted max level in just over 6 days, I unlocked even more guides for all kinds of activities. Almost anything you can imagine yourself trying to work towards, this addon has a guide for it.

The most obvious port of call for more players is getting better gear and Zygor can help you with that. By looking at the gear guides for your character and spec, the addon will check your existing equipment and provide suggestions for your next upgrade. More importantly, it’ll tell you how to acquire it. Whether it’s a crafted item or something you need to get from a quest or instance, Zygor will give you the information in stupidly high detail.

I also found guides that’ll help me max out my reputation with the various factions out there. From the most obscure and tedious to the more common factions, you’ll never need to alt-tab for a rep farming guide ever again.

The same principle applies to achievements, arguably Zygor’s most impressive feature in this area. Think of some of the long-game ones like Loremaster. This is what this addon was built to help you accomplish. Because such achievements require galavanting across Azeroth and its various dimensions and off-world locales, it helps to have one central guide to keep you on the right path and Zygor does just that.

And this is barely scratching the surface as there is an up-to-date guide for literally anything you can imagine with a few exceptions. The addon is a fantastic resource for information on dungeons and their bosses, including strategies for taking them down. However, that same courtesy isn’t extended to raids.

Of course, there’s good reason for that given that there are far more sophisticated boss mods out there that do the job just fine. So, don’t expect this addon to help you become a better raider. There are generally class and role guides to help you improve but you’ll have to put in the requisite work yourself. The same applies to PvP, an area where Zygor's Guide again feels quite thin in terms of its content.


It’s a timeless adage that money can buy you time and it applies aptly when talking about Zygor Guides and its Elite subscription. No matter what kind of player you are, if you value your time and want to get things done fast and efficiently in WoW, paying for Zygor Dragonflight is a worthwhile investment I think.

The sheer fact that you have such robustly written current guides at your fingertips without leaving the game is a godsend. It’s also such incredibly well organized that you’ll rarely find yourself fumbling around for that specific piece of information you’re looking for. When I tack on stuff like GPS arrows, farming paths, and automations, I can take efficiency to the next level.

Of course, if you’re brand-new to WoW and you care about having a proper deep dive into the world and lore of the game, this addon won’t enhance that part of the experience.

It’s designed to speed things up and so you could end up missing out on important story beats. Also, if you’re an avid raider who doesn’t care much about leveling alts or grinding achievements, you’ll find little value here once you reach the end game.

All in all, Zygor is by a mile one of the best in-game guides available for both Dragonflight and Classic and a solid companion for your WoW sub.

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