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Zygor Guides is Rubbish in WotLK 3.3.5a?

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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft on and off since The Burning Crusade era, and as such, have leveled numerous characters to max level across the many iterations of the game that have been released.

Leveling new characters often feels like a chore, regardless of the expansion, as I just want to get it done quickly so I can enjoy the end-game content. In retail WoW, this probably involves me sitting in my faction’s capital city spamming dungeons, as it is an easy and efficient way to level up.

However, in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, leveling is much harder and dungeon spamming doesn’t quite work due to the lower amount of experience rewarded, and increased difficulty in finding a dungeon group without the dungeon finder.

When I started my character on Wrath of the Lich King Classic, I wanted to follow the most efficient and effective leveling route to reach the max level as easily and fast as possible. I’d leveled up countless characters through this version of the game, so I wasn’t excited to do it all again. This led me to explore leveling addons, and the most popular premium one it seemed was Zygor Guides.

For this time around leveling through WotLK, I wanted to try out Zygor Guides for myself and see what the truth about it really is. I am writing this review based on my experience after a 1 to 80 speed run with Zygor Guides. And so that other players can see if it is worth it or not for them. I will explain what I liked and didn’t like about the addon, reveal the total leveling time and overall conclude if I think it is worth it. 

Part 1: Things I Liked

Desktop Client

The first thing that I liked about the addon is the Desktop Client. The entire process of subscribing and installing the addon was extremely smooth and fast, which I thought was great. Signing up and subscribing on the Zygor Guides website took a few minutes, and afterward, I was able to download the Desktop Client. It is a lightweight UI software that helps locate your installed WoW games, as well as install and update the addons.

Within seconds of launching the client and logging in, it detected my Wrath of the Lich King Classic installation and installed the latest version of Zygor Guides. I was impressed that everything was done via the client so fast, as I was expecting to have to login to my account via an in-game window.

When I launched the game, the addon displayed automatically and worked fine as if I had installed it manually, except I didn’t have to do so. The client can also update the addon itself automatically, so I didn’t have to do so myself like with other addons.

The Addon UI

The in-game UI itself is also very nice and user-friendly. It was very clean and professional, and throughout my experience, I never encountered a UI bug that is present in other UI addons made by independent individuals. All the buttons worked as they should and navigating through the menus felt smooth.

I was also extremely impressed with the functionality that is offered in the addon itself. I downloaded Zygor Guides just for the leveling guide, however, was impressed to see guides in the addon for profession, reputation, gold making, and even mounts. As a casual player, these bonus guides that aren’t only focused on leveling are useful, as it alleviates the amount of research and preparation, I need to do myself before doing a long and engaging activity in the game like farming a faction’s reputation.

Automation Features

The addon itself features many ‘automation features’ that help to automate various aspects of the game. These can all be enabled and disabled as you see fit from the addon’s setting page, however, the ones that I found very useful were the following:

  • Auto Quest Hand-In and Accept
  • New Abilities Alert
  • Gear Upgrades
  • Recommended Quest Rewards

Now, all four of these features can be found in alternative leveling addons. However, I have personally found the implementations of these features in the Zygor Guides to be the best. These are the sort of features that often cause UI bugs and glitches; however, I experienced very few of these whilst using Zygor, unlike other leveling addons.

These features were definitely worth enabling, as they help automate the leveling process. And by that, I mean I had to make fewer decisions and get less involved in the leveling process, which essentially makes it easier and perhaps faster. For instance, I don’t have to carefully consider gear upgrades, or visit a class trainer after each time I level up to check if I have new abilities. Instead, the addon does it all for me, so I can just sit back and focus on following the guide.

Talent Recommendations

This is another feature of the addon that I really liked and wasn’t expecting at all. And that is complete talent tree templates for each spec in the game. Talent trees in Wrath of the Lich King are huge, and deciding what spec to build can be very time-consuming. If you are like me and just to level up fast, the addon features complete template builds that you can have automatically pick your talents each time you level up.

I used this feature particularly, as I was playing a new spec (Frost Mage) and I didn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time researching builds. So, I set the talent tree recommendation profile within the Zygor Guides UI to Frost Mage, and then every time I leveled up, I just had to click learn on the highlighted talent and it was all done for me.

Also, I am pretty sure this might not necessarily be recommending the ‘best’ talent build for each spec, but I am pretty confident the ones included are much better than something I could come up with without serious thought being put into it.

Part 2: Things I Disliked

Now that I have explained what I liked about using the addon, it only makes sense to discuss what I disliked. I didn’t encounter too many things that I found too troublesome when using it, but nonetheless found some areas where Zygor could improve.

Grinding Chunks of XP

Occasionally, and particularly in lower levels I found frequently that I would have to grind mobs for large chunks of experience before the guide itself progressed to the next step. The addon intentionally holds you back from passing certain steps if you are below a certain level of experience, so it tells you to grind mobs and gives you recommended location.

This is a feature that has been seen in many classic leveling guides, as sometimes it is faster and more efficient. However, I don’t like to grind mobs and would have liked the option to remove grind steps from the guide. I just want to point out that you can skip steps, but then it sometimes caused issues down the line if I wasn’t at the right level to accept a quest.

Mob Highlighting

I was surprised that the addon didn’t have any highlighting either on tooltips or on enemy unit frames to display if they are needed for a quest or not. I just went ahead and installed Questie to get around this, but I felt that Zygor should have implemented this feature. I think it would be very useful as then it’s just another element to the game that I don’t have to think about and can leave to the addon.

Unrecognized Completed Tasks

Occasionally, a guide step will not recognize if you have completed a specific task. This can be experienced when performing tasks such as talking to an NPC, purchasing an item, clicking a quest item, etc. Fortunately, there is a way to manually move forward in the guide if it does get stuck and the button to do so is easily found on the UI itself. However, it would be nice if Zygor could iron out some more of these bugs to make the recognition a bit smoother. Especially considering it is a premium addon that you must pay a monthly subscription for. 

Part 3: Is Zygor Guides Worth It?

Based on my experience leveling up in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, I do think the Zygor Guides addon is worth it. I mentioned how it automates the leveling process a lot, and by that, I mean I was able to level quickly and efficiently whilst giving the process very minimal attention and thought.

This allowed me to do things like watch Netflix whilst completing quests, as the addon literally highlighted the path to the next step in the quest and clearly highlighted key pieces of information regarding what I needed to do. It also recommended everything to me about what quests to complete, items to choose, talents, etc. All I had to do was control the character’s movement, and it was like the addon did the rest.

This was great for me as I didn’t want to get immersed into the leveling experience, as I’ve done it so many times before, that I just wanted to get to the max level as soon as possible to experience the end-game content. As such, Zygor Guides was extremely useful and helped me achieve this.

As mentioned, Zygor comes packed with guides from all sections of the game. Professions, mount farming, reputation farm, etc. The leveling guides were the ones I was most interested in, and I think that they were great. Leveling in Wrath of the Lich King is slow, and sometimes you run out of quests and find yourself lost wondering where to go to find quests to complete. The guide that Zygor has you follow never leaves you feeling that way, as it perfectly guides you throughout the game’s world meshing questline to questline.

Would I Use Zygor Again?

If I was going to level up a new character in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and all I cared about was leveling up as fast and easily as possible, I would definitely use the addon again. Without a doubt, I believe it provided the best leveling experience possible that I – as a casual player – could realistically obtain without investing serious time and resources into developing my own improved leveling plan. But even then, my ‘plan’ wouldn’t have all of the other extremely beneficial features that Zygor Guides has.

Part 4: Zygor Guides FAQs

What does Zygor do?

The promise behind Zygor Guides is to offer WoW players an optimal questing route for speed leveling, and guides to help improve most areas of your game, like gold making for example. Zygor comes as an addon that offers helpful advice in-game and walks you through each step all the way to max level and beyond.

Can you get banned for using Zygor?

Some people say Zygor was the reason for a ban. However, this doesn't make sense when the addon could easily be detected by Blizzard and accounts banned instantly. We used it to reach max level with no problems, and even the WoWhead community agrees, you won't be banned for using a guide.

Can you get Zygor for free?

It maybe possible to get Zygor Guides for free, but the risk involved for the person downloading is extremely high. A key-logger could be hidden and remain undetected by antivirus software. Going for the free option really isn't worth it. You could lose money from your bank and have all your online accounts hacked.

Can you share Zygor Guides?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot share Zygor Guides with friends or family. This helps protect the addon from piracy.

Is Zygor good for gold making?

Zygor can be great for gold making! Helping you take advantage of the auction system to sell at a profit. Zygor also has professions guides to super-charge your ability to make items you can sell, again, at good profit.

Does Zygor work with WoW Classic?

Yes. Zygor works in WoW Classic, retail and Dragonflight.

How long to reach level 80 in WotLK using Zygor?

In the test we did, it took 6 days and 18 hours with a Frost Mage to reach level 80. Please be aware it will take longer for some classes in WotLK, as others are not DPS classes that can pull and kill mobs fast and effectively, which really helps with questing.

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